13. and 20.06.2023

Leangenbukta is a series of two site-specific events lifting the significance of the local biodiversity at Leangenbukta, Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv's backyard, where almost 200 species of birds breed and live. What does it mean to be together in the world, how to listen to each other, and how to make kin? 

    Thinking, feeling, and working through environmental crises, these events aim to create space for regeneration and listening - because listening also means attending and attending is a practice. Then, there is music, improvisation, and that’s where we meet: between the ears and ourselves.

Leangenbukta is my contribution to this sonic planet, a project organized at Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektivet in Trondheim and is curated by Kate Butcher. 


Leangenbukta: A live score

feat. Heiða Karine Jóhannesdóttir Mobeck (tuba) and Klaus Ellerhusen Holm (saxophone/clarinet). The event included a common brunch and a reading from Going out: Walking, Listening, Soundmaking by Elena Biserna.


Leangenbukta: To be a bay

A guided soundwalk by Magdaléna Manderlová, incl. a colleactive reading from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Images: Daniel Hansen, Susann Jamtøy
Supported by this sonic planet, Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv and Trondheim kommune