Straw Bales (2021 - work in progress)

The work is based on a text that I have first started working on in 2020 as a commission for thinking through sound series by Blue Rinse and Lydgalleriet. Through writing, I'm unwinding my own sonic memories of a particular bird (common swift/tårnseiler/Apus apus) and drawing connections between the bird's voice, my ancestors, and their life occupation. I'm looking closely at my cultural background and personal history, coming from an industrial region where coal mining has been woven tightly into people's lives.

This work is touching topics of sound perception, memory, and sonic memory; home and belonging; language and the sonic qualities of language; and the extractive tendencies of the capitalist system - relating not only to extracting fossil fuels but also e.g. human labor.

An early version of Straw Bales was published as part of Blue Rinse papers by Lydgalleriet (2021). Straw Bales was performed as a performative reading at 45. Trøndelagsutstillingen in Trøndelag Senter for Samstidskunst (2021), and at Radio Hopes and Dreams, Lydgalleriet (2021). In 2022, Straw Bales will be released on tape by Breton Cassette, and exhibited and performed at Atelier Nord, Oslo.