Graphic design by Kateřina Havelková
Riso print, A4, self published in 2019.


A zine about my concert tour as moin moin. I traveled by myself for one month by train in April 2016. I documented my experience in short texts and analogue photographs.

Digital blackwhite print, A5
Self-published and distributed in 40 copies, 2017.

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Skály a pahorky

An artist book I made in collaboration with Kateřina D. Drahošová and Kateřina Baranková. Original illustrations are screen-printed into a hand-glued folded-format book.

Dimensions circa 7 x 13 cm
Self-published in 100 copies in 2016.

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A series of 30 hand-sewed one-of-a-kind artist books I made during my stay at the Fish Factory in Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland. Based on daily observations, I recorded the subtle changes of light, sounds, and the movements of myself walking.

Dimensions circa 5 x 10 cm
Self-published and distributed in 2015.


A series of tiny, handmade books based on my diaries and notes, often presenting pieces of songs, photographs, and drawings. 

Dimensions circa 5 x 10 cm
One-of-a-kind books, self-published and distributed in 2013-2015.