2022 Magdaléna Manderlová—Straw bales, album released by Breton Cassette, cassette and digital
2020 Syntia Rose—Cold Water, self-released digital single
2020 Syntia Rose—Japanese Flowers, self-released digital single
2019 Magdaléna Manderlová—HISS, self-released digital album
2017 Pinecone—In the Black Water I See the City, self-released digital album
2017 moin moin—Rescue, single, self released
2016 moin moin—Dawn, album released by Z-tapes and CheeChaakTips!, cassette and digital release
2014 moin moin—0, self-released digital single
2014 moin moin—The Essential, self-released digital single
2014 moin moin—Draft, self-released digital EP

compilations and other

Coming in 2024 Magdaléna Manderlová—Struha
‘Práh’ compillation released by Warm Winters Ltd. on cassette and digital

2022 moin moin as a guest on the track 3.1.2000
Ten Years Later album by Cold Cold Nights, digital release by Black Pear Label

2022 Magdaléna Manderlová as a guest on tracks Flux and Qualia
Floating Body/Diving Mind by Kristoffer Lislegaard, released on Dugnad rec on cassette and digital

2021 Magdaléna Manderlová—Aural Dawn and Aural Dusk
Aural Twilight, digital album curated by Francisco López

2017 moin moin—Rescue
‘Superhrdinky: Hudba pro ženy bez domova’, compillation released by Full Moon Forum / AZCD for Jako doma on 2LP vinyl and digital

2016 moin moin—Heavy as a Mountain
Summer 2016 (Z Tapes Sampler), compillation by Z Tapes