Lines of Flickering Light Stretching across Terrain


Site-specific sound installation for windows, ventilation system, transducers, microphones and loudspeakers, Trondheim Kunstmuseum Gråmølna

Lines of Flickering Light Stretching across Terrain reflects on physicality and spatiality of sound, and looks at sound as an open matter. The building and its materials are examined as a membrane - by using tactile transducers and microphones attached to windows and ventilation system, and creating a feedback loop. The feedback operates as a trigger for activating resonant frequencies in the materials, and they are amplified, controlled by an array of compressors, and streamed live 24/7.

The glass, the ventilation system and the voice breathe together, they get in and out of tune, they tremble and phase each other. The sound of my voice emanates from and with the glass panes, the voice and the building vibrate from within.

Image credit: Nanna Klith Hougaard