When Clouds Appear like Rocks and Towers—2019

Interactive site-specific sound composition made for the outside area of RAKE Visningsrom at Brattøra, Trondheim, Norway. The work was programmed and technically co-produced by Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo. The piece was produced within the final exhibition at RAKE Visningsrom Omfavnelser / Embrace it

Background and listening experience

The composition consisted of field recordings I recorded in the spring 2019, by spending time with- and listening to Brattørkaia. The piece was then experienced in headphones designed to track position in space, and to receive the weather forecast data while processing the sound live. An algorithm connected the weather data (temperature, wind, downfall, pressure, humidity) with the sound composition, and was able to subtly alter each theme by a set of parameters (reverb, delay, panning, filtering, etc.). In the end, each listening was a unique experience, combining my own, once lived, sonic experiences, together with the real time weather conditions and soundscape. The title comes from an old proverb “When clouds appear like rocks and towers, the Earth's refreshed with frequent showers.”

Below is a text by Daniela Cascella, accompanying my work in the exhibition catalog. I asked her to write about this piece long before it even existed, and without her ever experiencing it. It is ment to set an atmosphere that accommodates the ephemeral quality of this piece. I sent her these sentences, to begin with:

It is a place where the wind swirls through flagpoles and masts
There are bouncing surfaces and resonating emptiness in between them
I need to bend and lean towards these sounds