Kozmické louky—Kozmické meadows *
Long-term engagement since 2021

As part of Po proudu zvuku—In the Stream of Sound together with Michal Kindernay, we organized Zvuková citlivost v terénu—Sound Sensitivity in the Field, public program/seminar, various locations in the regionpicked by each contributor in relation to their presentation, 27. 08. 2022. We arranged a common bus transport throughout the day. It included:

A walk-talk on forest ecosystems by geographer and ecologist Vít Kašpar, and a local forester Ivo Kupka, Pustá Polom; a poetry reading by Martin Šenkypl in a 100-year-old alley way, Albertovec; birdwatching with Ondřej Škrabal, Kozmické louky; and Concert for Birds—A tribute to Kozmic meadows and all living beings by Yve Ellerová, František Hruška and Martin Režný, at Kozmické louky.

The next edition is coming in August 2023 feat. Peter Cusack, Carina Pesch, Tomáš Šenkyřík and more.

* Kozmické louky—Kozmické meadows are a system of floodplain meadows and a bird reserve. The area was formerly intended for gravel mining and experienced difficult times of amelioration, water drainage, aggressive terrain destructions, and extraction of resources which caused disruption of the natural balance, loss of biodiversity, and environmental burden. Kozmic meadows are now, thanks to the long-term commitment and dedicated work and care of the local community and the company Semix, full of life, and accommodate hundreds of species of birds and plants, amphibians, Exmoor ponies, and an ornithological observation station. It is an important resting area for migratory birds.